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A referral system has recently been integrated into the application, which allows you to earn points when you tell your friends about Feelin. 


In the profile tab of the updated version of our application, you will find the "Invite a friend" feature. There, you can either copy the link or share it directly via other messaging applications (like Messenger, WhatsApp etc.).


By sharing the link, each of your friends will receive a message inviting them to install the Feelin app and use the shared link. 

Your friends ('referrals') receive 50 points directly after signing up. You as the referrer receive a notification when the link you shared has been used.


When one of your friends has reached 400 points, you receive 100 points. You can also follow the progress of your friends: if 'pending' is displayed, your friend in question has not yet reached the 400 point threshold.  

Unfortunately, due to the abuse of this system and the non-compliance of some users with our terms and conditions, the number of referrals for which you can receive the 100 points is currently limited to your first five referrals who have reached 400 points. 

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