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  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
  • How to make a good quality recording?
    The two most important things are: be in a well-lit area and stand up straight, facing your screen as you would during a video call. Also, try to move as little as possible during the video and don’t change the angle of your phone – don’t record yourself from behind.
  • How many videos/how often do you release them? 
    We put new ads on our app every week. The number of videos available depends on our clients, but at the moment you should generally have about three or four new videos to watch each week (or even more if you missed a few the week before and haven't reached the view threshold yet!)
  • Why do you record me when I watch a video ?
    To better understand your reactions and your feeling when you watch a video. Thanks to these information, we give a feedback to the production teams for helping them improving their creations. We believe that emotions can be understood through your facial expressions and where you look at the screen. That’s why we film your reactions.
  • My video is "Pending", what does that mean?
    If the recording of a video you have watched is pending, this means that the quality of your data still needs to be analysed before the recording is validated or rejected. Once validated, you will receive your points. In the meantime, there is nothing to stop you from watching the other videos available in the application.
  • My video is marked as "rejected", what does that mean?​
    It means that it was not usable to recognize your emotions. We only validate and reward video captures that are recorded correctly.
  • Can I redo a video capture to improve its quality?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible : as you have already seen the video, you will no longer have the surprise and this impacts the measurements. But don’t worry, the next recording will be better!
  • How is my data used?
    Your data is used in strict compliance with data protection regulations. Once anonymized, it is assembled build in a report on the quality of the videos. For example, we provide information on how many people laughed at a joke, reacted to the explosion in a movie or saw the information on the website in an advertisement.
  • My Feelin account has been blocked, why? 
    The main reason why a user's account is blocked is because of non-compliance with our terms of use, including the creation and use of multiple Feelin accounts. Currently, we pay a lot of attention to the detection of multiple accounts of the same user. According to our general terms and conditions, which every user must accept in order to use our application, multiple accounts are prohibited: in accordance with article 1 point 6, the user declares that he/she has not registered any other account on the Feelin application. Each person can only create one account: in case of loss of login details, the user must contact Feelin ( to recover access to his/her account. It is also stated in article 1 that failure to comply with any of the conditions constitutes a breach of the general conditions. In such a case, the user in question will no longer be able to use Feelin's services and his account will be deactivated without him having the right to any compensation. Therefore, if you have created more than one Feelin account, all other accounts will be deactivated initially, except for your first account which you may continue to use as normal in accordance with our terms and conditions. However, if the situation occurs again, all your accounts will be deactivated. If you have not created multiple accounts and you are unable to use your account, please contact us at:
  • How many points do I earn per video?
    You earn up to 60 points for each video you watch and for which you have recorded a video of sufficient quality. You will receive an Amazon code of 2€ for every 400 points.
  • What rewards are available?
    At the moment we only offer Amazon Gift Codes. Of course, we plan to offer different types of rewards in the future.
  • How do I receive the rewards?
    The rewards are sent to the email address with which you registered on the application. They usually arrive some days after you watch the videos.
  • How does the sponsorship system work?
    A referral system has recently been integrated into the application, which allows you to earn points when you tell your friends about Feelin. In the profile tab of the updated version of our application, you will find the "Invite a friend" feature. There, you can either copy the link or share it directly via other messaging applications (like Messenger, WhatsApp etc.). By sharing the link, each of your friends will receive a message inviting them to install the Feelin app and use the shared link. Your friends ('referrals') receive 50 points directly after signing up. You as the referrer receive a notification when the link you shared has been used. When one of your friends has reached 400 points, you receive 100 points. You can also follow the progress of your friends: if 'pending' is displayed, your friend in question has not yet reached the 400 point threshold. Unfortunately, due to the abuse of this system and the non-compliance of some users with our terms and conditions, the number of referrals for which you can receive the 100 points is currently limited to your first five referrals who have reached 400 points.
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