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The mobile app that rewards you for watching videos and showing your reactions

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The App

The App

Become a Feeler by joining our community of testers. Every week, several videos are published on the application. Collect points and redeem them for gift cards to your favorite shops.

Respect of your data privacy

+ 5000 users already trust us


Download the app on your store.

Watch videos

Receive a notification when a new video is available. There are new videos available on Feelin every week.

Share your reactions

We use a new technology to record your reactions to know what you trully think of the video.

Receive rewards

Receive Gift Cards from your favorite shops in your country.

And here are some tips for a great video recording! 



400 points

For an gift voucher worth 2€

  • Blanc Amazon Icône
  • Blanc Amazon Icône

1800 points

For an gift voucher worth 10€

  • Blanc Amazon Icône

950 points

For an gift voucher worth 5€

  • Blanc Amazon Icône

3400 points

For an gift voucher worth 20€

Available soon 
Vivatech is the biggest trade fair for start-ups and technology in Europe. Thanks to you and supported by the Walloon region, we were able to participate in this incredible event! 



"Super interesting and fun app very good concept shame there isn't more video to watch but it's well worth the 5 stars, I love it 😉"

Lama futé

"Very good app. I love this app and it's probably the only one that works in the whole Google play."


Very good application. Lots of points to be gained.
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